Getting Started: 5 minutes guide

DMVCFramework allows to create powerful RESTful servers without effort. You can create a full-flagged RESTful server in a couple of clicks.

Installation of DelphiMVCFramework 3.x

You can install DMVCFramwork using the zip package.

  • Download the zip file

  • Unzip it in a folder named C:\dmvc

  • Launch RAD Studio and open C:\dmvc\ideexpert\DMVC_IDE_Expert_D102Tokyo.dproj

  • Install the package

    • WARNING! In case you have Delphi Professional you cannot install the ideexpert because of a lack of a required package, but you can still use the framework. In such cases you can learn how to create a DelphiMVCFramework by hand o just copy a sample project and start to change it.
  • Close all

  • Now, DMVCFramework expert is installed and you are able to create DMVCFramework project

  • go to File->New->Other select Delphi Project->DMVC->DelphiMVCFramework Project

The IDE Expert

  • From the resultant dialog, leave all the default settings and click ok
  • If you try to compile the project now, you will get compiler errors because we've to configure the library paths to let the compiler finds the needed source files
  • go to Tools->Options->Environment Options->Delphi Options->Library and add in the Library Path edit the following paths:

    • C:\DMVC\sources\
    • C:\DMVC\lib\dmustache\
    • C:\DMVC\lib\loggerpro\
  • Run the project (F9)

  • A webbrowser is launched and a new console application is running serving you first DMVCFramework server. Simple, isn't it?

  • Now you can follows the rest of the guide to learn all the nice things about DMVCFramework.

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